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Company Benefit Plans
BFI specializes in the implementation and administration of retirement benefit plans for small and mid sized companies.

The new CAPSA Guidelines affect all employer sponsored, tax-assisted, retirement plans where employees may determine how their savings are invested. Are you prepared?

Successful companies use retirement benefit plans to attract and retain good employees. Across Canada, we have assisted companies of all sizes in implementing and administering new plans, and re-organizing existing plans that are more suitable for present needs.

Administering retirement benefit plans is not a sideline of our business, but a core competency that our entire team actively participates in.

We are able to implement Group RRSPís, Deferred Profit Sharing Plans (DPSP), and Registered Pension Plans. Many of our clients use all of the above in varying combinations depending on individual needs and requirements.

Part of the service we offer is working with Human Resource Departments in describing the potential advantages and disadvantages of the different plans available. What might be appropriate for one client, might be unsuitable for another. Our experience working with a variety of different industries and people, has given us an intimate understanding of how benefit plans might best serve the needs of staff members.

We offer two distinct advantages: we work with only the finest investment management companies available, and secondly, our focus is on service, communication and education for all staff members, irrespective of seniority or ranking in the company.

Our commitment to service, communication, and education is driven by our fundamental belief:

“the effective communication of a benefit plan is almost as important as the actual benefit itself”

Effective communication is not a 1-800 number, or a glossy brochure. It comes from qualified people taking an interest in the individual needs of people. We only offer Certified Financial Planners (CFP).

We believe the added value we offer allows companies to enjoy any potential gains in morale and loyalty.

When appropriate we also utilize the services of other professionals who may offer specialized knowledge or experience. This may include working closely with individual money mangers, pension consulting firms (such as Mercerís Investment Consulting or Watson Wyatt), transfer agents for share purchase plans, and legal and tax professionals.
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