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Gail Kennedy
Gail Kennedy

Gail Kennedy has spent over 35 years in the financial industry including banking, trust, securities, and money management. She was one of the first women to manage a trust company office in the mid ‘70’s and has spent a large part of her career counseling women (and men) on their financial affairs.

For years Gail has voiced her concerns across Canada that women are not taking advantage of the opportunities available to help build their financial net worth and ultimately secure their futures.

Gail has been financially dependent, financially co-dependent, and financially independent and knows the key to financial success is knowledge.

You’re Worth It! has been written for women in a narrative style, with fictional characters, and carries you through from beginning to end in an informal, relaxed manner.

The second bestselling novel written by Gail is Fir$t Cla$$ that was written for high school students with the vision they will be prepared to deal with their finances in an appropriate manner.

Talking with Gail is a special experience one will not forget as her knowledge and enthusiasm for helping clients is incredible.

Exclusively available through Banwell Financial are You’re Worth It! and Fir$t Cla$$.

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