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Private Wealth Management
Our Private Wealth Program provides access to a wide range of investment mandates for clients who have a higher net worth and a minimum of $250,000 to invest. Our mission is to deliver superior risk adjusted returns in all market environments and provide clients with sound advice and exceptional service.

  • Larger asset bases pay progressively lower fees
  • Access to world class, best of breed money management
  • Individual investors receive competitive pricing similar to large institutional buyers
  • Emphasis on customization of portfolios specific to family needs
  • Enhanced reporting and market commentary
  • Tax and estate planning support
  • State Street Global Advisors oversight (on select components)

"Although fees are important, the primary concern should be building a suitable portfolio with the very best money managers. Once the model portfolio has been created, we can than determine the most cost effective method for delivering this to the client. An inexpensive portfolio that underperforms is no bargain for anyone."

Michael Banwell, BA, CFP
President & CEO
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